Sunday, September 11, 2011

Akatsuki: Seven Minutes In Heaven {:`- Zetsu-`:}



"Mystery?" You called out, looking around the room. You glanced at Itachi, slightly intimidated because he was known for being the 'mysterious' one in the Akatsuki. You breathed a mental sigh of relief when he just shook his head, nodding his head toward the closet.

"He's already in there?" You asked, surprised. 'How the hell did he get in there without me noticing?!'

"Yeah, go meet up with him." Kisame said, pushing you towards the closet.

You just shrugged your shoulders and walked into the dark room, glancing around the room to try to find your partner.

"Hello? Anybody home?" You asked. Suddenly, you heard a dark, seductive chuckle, followed by a less menacing, light hearted laugh. You smiled, knowing instantly who it was.

"Hi Zetsu-kun!" You said warmly, your smile growing bigger.

"Hello ____-chan." His two voices mingled. "How have you been?"

"Same old, same old." You replied, searching around the small closet. You felt something brush against your hand and realized it was his head. 'So he's not wearing his flytrap?' You mused.

As soon as you knew where he was, you sat down right next to him. "How about you?" You said, reaching out to touch his knee. But, because of the darkness, you hand placed itself high on his upper thigh, nearly brushing his enclosed member.

Zetsu sucked in a breath as he felt a surge of heat rush to his 'package'. He stiffened at the sensation that ran through his body.

When you felt him stiffen, you immediately let go of him, thinking that he didn't want you touching him.

Things became quiet in the room, the awkwardness from his reaction just filling your thoughts. Zetsu had always been a quiet guy, so your friendship was often full of comfortable silences, where you just soaked in each others presence. But this silence felt more heavy, more tense.

Suddenly, he cut off the silence, "____-chan?"

"Yeah, Zetsu-kun?"

"Can I ask you a question?"

"Of course!"

"Well.. There's this... this girl that I really love.. And I was wondering what's the best way to tell her the way I feel?"

You frowned, "Zetsu-san, the rose bush in the front yard is already dating the oak tree. She's not interested... I'm sorry."

Zetsu shook his head. "No, I'm talking about someone else."

"Oh.. Well is she human?"

He laughed, his seductive chuckle once again mixing his light hearted giggle.

"Yes, ____-chan, she's very much human."

You smiled, "Well I guess it's different with for each kind of girl. There are some that want to be showered with gifts while guys confess their undying love, while there are others that are just as happy with knowing that he had the balls to tell them."

"What about you? What do you think is the best way to tell you?"

"Hm.. Well, Zetsu-kun, I actually believe that actions speak louder than words.... So I guess he has to show me he loves me through his actions." You explained, unsure of why he was asking.

"Actions, huh?" He trailed off, obviously going into deep thought. You stayed quiet while you closed your eyes, thinking that he was planning on how he was going to tell the girl he loves her.

Suddenly, you felt lips latch onto yours, surprisingly soft and warm. Your eyes shot open, surprised. You saw Zetsu's face inches from yours, his own caramel eyes looking into your own.

After a while, you realized you liked how Zetsu kissed, and you liked him as well. So you went along with it. You slowly closed your eyes, leaning closer into him, pressing your curves flush against his body.

Zetsu groaned slightly at the sensations of your lush softness pressing against his masculine hardness. He pressed himself as close to you as your bodies let you, while he licked your bottom lip.

Growling in frustration because you wouldn't let him in, he bit your lip harder, while sliding his hand down your back, to grab hold of your upper thigh. You moaned slightly, and immediately felt his tongue slide into your mouth, searching through your mouth.

He groaned as he felt you slide your hands from his shoulders, down his chest, until your reached his waistband. You traced the V-cut of his hips and he groaned loudly as you slipped your hand into his pants.

You reached down, and began gently massaging him through his boxers.

He paused from kissing down your throat to let out a deep moan that was a cross between a pant and a growl.

You giggled slightly, and slipped your fingers into his boxers to grab hold of him, squeezing him. He leaned back against the wall, tilting his head backward to better experience it. You began to pump him and his loud groaning could definitely heard through the door. His hips began thrusting to match your pace. You looked up, and noticed his white face was flushed and his eyes were shut tight.

Just as you were about to let him have his release, he shoved you against the wall, ripping off your shirt in the process.

You gasped at the sudden draft you felt on your upper body, feeling your nipples harden against the cold air. Zetsu attacked your chest with kisses, immediately heading towards your mounds. You moaned in his ear, making him harden quickly, as he licked and nipped at your pink nipples.

Finally you had had enough. You roughly yanked down your skirt, grinding against Zetsu. He groaned and grinded back until your core was wet with arousal.

"Stop teasing me Zetsu.." You moaned into his ear, grinding harder into his member.

He just growled, and pushed you against the wall, hoisting you up until you had your legs wrapped around his waist. He, then, ripped off your underwear, before roughly pushing himself into you.

You moaned loudly, grabbing onto Zetsu's shoulders for balance while you were pushed continuously into the wall behind you. "Z-Zetsu-kun.. Harder.." You moaned, bouncing off his hips in a rhythmic motion. You loved the feel of his member sliding in and out of you, slick with your juices as well as his own.

Zetsu complied, pounding into you harder and deeper, making you moan louder and a thin sheen of sweat started appearing on his back. You wrapped your arms around his neck and dug your fingers into his head, the pressure in your lower belly becoming unbearable.

"____.." He groaned, pushing himself into you again and again until he felt that he was stumbling off the cliff of release. He let out a loud grunt, his eyes shut tightly while his body shook.

"Zeeeeetsu!" You gasped, right behind him. The pressure in your womanhood becoming harder and harder to contain. You moaned loudly and pulled Zetsu closer, slamming your lips onto his. He fervently kissed you back, and pounding into you continuously.

Finally, you felt the tension inside of you explode, making you cry out in ecstasy.

Zetsu followed right behind, groaning loudly while his warm cum shot up your womanhood, as well as dripping down your thighs. Your thighs quivered.

You unwrapped your legs from Zetsu's waist and slid down the wall, standing upright and getting dressed rapidly. Zetsu followed suit, but occasionally pressed kisses along the curve of your neck.

You kissed him on the lips again, which quickly led to things becoming intense again. He had you against the wall once more, his tongue invading your mouth with sweet torture, when you heard a knock on the door.

"Times up!" You heard Konan yell.

You heard Zetsu growl in frustration and you leaned up to kiss him long and hard before walking out, with Zetsu's arm around your waist.

It's safe to say, everyone was in shock after hearing you in the closet. But you didn't care. You had Zetsu, and that was all that mattered.


  1. I liked it cx you should do a Sasori one :3


  3. Lmao^^^ I can't wait for the pein one. Still.. Great writing!

  4. OMG LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can you make a pein one?

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  6. epic ! I like ( zetsu kun is really cute for me )

  7. Well written but you need to prepare a girl BEFORE you shove into her; using fingers mostly, or it hurts like a bitch.