Thursday, September 8, 2011

Akatsuki: Seven Minutes In Heaven {*- Tobi -*}

{~:' Tobi ':~}


"Pink?" You asked, disguising a giggle as a cough.

"TOBI WON! TOBI GOT ____-CHAN!" Tobi's exuberant voice echoed around the room as he ran up to you, immediately wrapping his arms around your waist and squeezing.

"Idiot, you have to go into the closet with her." Deidara's irritated voice said, obviously annoyed at Tobi's screaming.

"What does Tobi do in the closet with ____-chan?" Tobi's oblivious voice said, his arms still wrapped around your form.

"Come on Tobi, I'll show you." You said, smiling and taking Tobi's hand in your smaller one.

"Now don't rape him _____-chan. We don't need a TRAUMATIZED Tobi." Hidan's voice snickered.

You just rolled your eyes and tugged Tobi towards the hall closet. As soon as the door closed, Tobi began to chatter about everything under the moon. You just smiled and shook your head at his typical behavior.

"Tobi-kun, you wanted to know how to play right?" You asked sweetly, even though your hormones were surging through your veins. You had always liked Tobi's innocence, although it could be a nuisance too. You always wanted to find out who was hiding behind the mask and you always wanted to do things to him you knew he didn't even what they are.

Tobi stopped his description about how chocolate was the best thing in the whole wide world and why it should be given an award, to nod his head vigorously, saying "Yes ____-chan!"

"Well sit back and relax okay? Oh, and take off your mask and cloak." You said, anticipation filling your senses.

Tobi hesitated, before nodding slightly, leaning back against the wall and slowly reaching up to take off his cloak. All he was wearing underneath were jeans, his bare chest showing some surprising muscles.

You felt yourself stare at his torso, before you snapped out of it and looked up again. "Tobi-kun, you need to take off your mask."

"But what if ____-chan doesn't like how Tobi looks?" Tobi questioned in a quiet voice.

"Don't worry Tobi, I don't care." You said with a smile, leaning closer to him.

He hesitated before nodding again, slowly. Then he reached up and took the mask off his face, before placing it on the ground gently.

You sucked in a breath when your eyes scanned Tobi's uncovered face. You never thought that he could be THIS attractive. You thought he only wore the mask to hide a deformity or something! But no, Tobi's face lacked any blemish, his skin flawless and his eye glowing with curiosity. The only thing Tobi lacked was one of his eyes.

"Does ____-chan like how Tobi looks?" Tobi asked, shyly.

You swallowed slightly, before replying, "Yes Tobi, very much."

"_____-chan, are you going to show Tobi how to play now?" He asked excitedly.

"Yes Tobi-kun. Now just sit there and relax."

You got up and walked to where Tobi was, and sat directly on his lap, your legs straddling his thighs and your ass pressing against his manhood.

"____-chan?" Tobi questioned, his eye flashing.

"Shhh." You said, leaning your head down, towards the crook of his neck. You licked his skin, tasting him. You heard Tobi suck in a breath that would've been a moan if he hadn't stifled it.

"_-___-chan.." Tobi said, only to be interuppted by you biting his neck roughly, forcing him to let out a moan.

You grinned into the skin of his neck and kept kissing and sucking on it, surely leaving a big hickey. Tobi kept moaning on and off, his child-like mewls resonating off the small walls of the closet.

You shifted positions on his lap in order to trail your kisses up his neck, until you felt something poke the inside of your thigh and heard Tobi's loud gasp/moan. You smirked, and used your hips to rock against the bulge in his jeans, letting Tobi's moans ring in your ears.

"I-Is Tobi a bad boy for liking this?" He asked, panting as you kept moving your hips back and forth against his ever growing erection.

"Tobi isn't a bad boy.. But ____-chan might be a bad girl." You said with a seductive smile.

Tobi gasped and looked up at you, wide eyed.

You just leaned into Tobi, finally pressing your lips to his.

He answered eagerly and roughly, pulling you closer and pressing his lips against yours harder. You sifted your fingers through his hair, opening your mouth to enhance the pleasure.

When he felt you open your mouth, his child-like curiousity kicked in again, making him slip his tongue into your wet cavern. You moaned as you felt him rub his way through your mouth, leaving nothing untouched.

Then you pulled back, smirking at Tobi once again, and you saw curiousity as well as fear go through his eyes.

You trailed your kisses down his neck, onto his chest, occasionally biting an area and making Tobi gasp. The closer you got to his member, the shallower his breaths became, his panting filling the room. When you reached the rim of his jeans, he gave a shuddered pant in anticipation.

You lifted your head and looked at Tobi seductively. "What does Tobi-kun want ____-chan to do?"

You saw Tobi shudder and continue to pant as your hands tickled the lower part of his stomach, getting closer and closer to the part that ached for you.

"Will ___-chan please touch Tobi more?" Tobi said softly, his breaths shallow from the sensation.

"I don't know Tobi.. Should I?" You teased, unbuttoning his jeans to free his member.

Tobi's voice took a husky tone as he felt you sliding down his boxers.

"Please ____-chan?" He pleaded.

"Gee, I don't know Tobi-kun... I'm not really sure you want too..." You said teasingly, pushing yourself up, leaving his member out in the air.

Tobi's eyes flashed, as if something inside of him had snapped, before he grabbed you and pulled your shirt over your head, his lips heading straight towards your chest.

"Tobi-kun will touch _____-chan in ways she'll like very much, if ______-chan keeps touching Tobi." He mumbled into the skin of your now exposed breast, his tongue running along the cleavage before flicking his tongue over your nipple. You gasped at the sensation, and Tobi curiously flicked it again. You moaned and grinded against his now liberated cock. It throbbed, and Tobi clamped his mouth over your breast to stop a moan that would've been really loud. You whimpered as he began sucking his eyes staring up at you with childish curiosity  yet still holding a hint of lust deep in its brown orb. His sneaky hand trailed up, but asked your for permission with his eyes. You nodded, and his hand clamped down on the other breast, leaving you weak. You let out a long moan, closing your eyes and leaning your head back.

"O-Okay Tobi-kun." You said, panting and shivering slightly at the feel of his wet muscle trail along your nipple, flicking back and forth. His member underneath you rubbed against your panty-covered wetness.

Tobi gave your breast one last quick and hard suck before letting you go, and you began to kiss his stomach again, this time going lower and lower until you finally reached his member. Then you licked up the side, and you heard Tobi give a strangled moan. You smirked as you kissed the tip, then slid it into your mouth, massaging what couldn't go into your mouth with your hands.

As you sucked, Tobi's hips thrust upwards and his mewls grew louder and louder. He slipped his hands into your hair, massaging you as he kept thrusting. You stared at his face, curious at his reaction. His eyes were staring at you, but as soon as you give a rather hard suck, his eyes rolled back and he let out a whimper, before leaning his head back and resting it against the wall. His back arched as the heat of your mouth warmed his pulsing cock.

You knew his release was coming at any second and began deep throating him, sliding him all the way down your throat. He moans grew louder and louder, his thrusting becoming faster and faster. Tobi's face was flushed, and his chest was heaving. His whimpers and mewls clearly showed that he had never experienced passion. At least, not to this extent.

You suddenly felt yourself being pulled up. You looked at Tobi questioningly.

Tobi just blushed and looked down at his member, then at you. His face flushed even more, to your surprise. Suddenly, a thought struck you.

"Tobi... You wanna...?"

Tobi just nodded, looking down, waiting for a scolding.

You just smiled, and moved your hands towards your skirt, sensually slipping it down, over your hips, to pool down around your feet.

Tobi stared at you, wide eyed and silent, his manhood growing longer and bigger as he saw you take off you thong. He looked away quickly, not sure how to take in the sight of your naked form.

You sat down on his lap again, this time nothing in between you and Tobi. You slipped his member into you, and Tobi moaned loudly, immediately grabbing your hips and steadying you. He wasn't used to feeling something so soft and warm wrapped around his cock.

"_-____...." He panted. You smiled down at him deviously. You were going to fuck him 'til he screamed. And you were going to enjoy every minute of it. 

You began bouncing on his cock, starting slowly and then gradually picking up speed. Tobi, not ready for the sudden roughness, gasped before grabbing your hips and assisting you in your thrusts. He moaned, leaning his head back. His hips bounced off of yours clumsily, but nothing could compare to him. You gasped and arched your back.

"_____-chan..." Tobi half moaned half squealed, pumping harder and faster into you, feeling his release coming hard and strong.

"TOBI!" You leaned forward and kissed him fiercely, plunging your tongue into his mouth to tangle with his while you reached your climaxes. You felt a coil deep in the pit of your stomach, slowly having the tension there strengthen and strengthen until...



You felt your release hit you fast and strong, as if a tidal wave of pleasure consumed you. You felt Tobi continue thrusting, leaving all evidence inside of you. You bent your head, forehead resting against Tobi's neck, and closed your eyes.

You opened your eyes and looked up to see Tobi was looking at you through half lidded eyes, tired from the experience. You smiled at him and leaned upwards, to place a lingering kiss on his lips. He responded softly, to your surprise. He planted gentle kisses on your face and then your throat.

Then, you got up and put all your clothes on, adjusting yourself and making sure there was no evidence of what you had done.

Tobi put on his clothes, and to your surprise, silently. He looked up and you with something hidden in his eyes, and then looked towards the door as the knob started turning.

When the door opened, you made to walk out, but Tobi grabbed your hand, rushing you up to his room, screaming  "_____-CHAN IS COMING TO TOBI'S ROOM TO HELP TOBI WITH SOMETHING!"

So much for rape. He seems willing enough.


  1. I like this, because this is a rare one where he isn't Madara :)

    1. Because Tobi is Obito, I think we all knew that by now.

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    1. Thank you c: I'll be making a separate Madara one in the near future if people continue to like these stories ^-^

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