Saturday, December 3, 2011

Akatsuki: Seven Minutes In Heaven {~*:Kisame:*~}



"Pick a color ____-chan!"

"Tobi... Why the fuck did they trust you with a glass container?"

"Tobi doesn't know what ____-chan mea-"

Cue Tobi face planting and breaking the vase.

You face-palmed and looked at the other Akatsuki members, just to see them either chuckling, glaring, or staring at Tobi.

"Okay, so what do I do now? All the names are out in the open." You asked, stating the obvious.

Hidan shrugged his shoulders and said, "Well, how about you choose the God damn paper with your fucking eyes closed, idiot?"

You rolled your eyes at Hidan's insulting, replying with a, "Shut the fuck up Hidan, before you lose something precious." before doing as told, closing your eyes and sticking your hand in the pile of papers with colors written on them.

"Uh, this one says 'Blue.'"

Before you could see who you were stuck with, Konan hastily pushed you into the closet, saying that you weren't allowed to look. She threw you into the closet first, and you felt someone get shoved into you, sending you tumbling to the back of the closet.

"Ow! Stupid fucking whore." You swore, massaging your throbbing temple.

"I heard that!" came the response from outside, followed by a chorus of chuckles.

"You were supposed to!" You responded, before looking around the closet to see who your partner was.

The first thing you saw was the height of him, which was about one or two feet taller than you. That seemed to eliminate all the members, except for one.

"Hey Kisame!" You chirped, smiling at him and giving him a hug.

"Hey _____-chan." He smiled, only to drop the smile slightly after a few moments.

You looked at him curiously before asking, "What's wrong, Kisa-kun?"

"It just that... Nevermind. It doesn't matter at the moment." He smiled weakly at you, the smile not reaching his eyes.

"No. You're going to tell me what's wrong. Right. Now." You stated, poking his stomach with your finger to punctuate.

"Seriously, there's nothing-"

"BULL SHIT." You said, pushing him slightly against a wall with your next poke. You pressed into Kisame, deliberately closing the space between your bodies, while giving him a puppy-dog look.

"_____-cha-" He said, before slightly closing his eyes in restraint. Your bodies were intimately pushed against one another, while your hands had come to rest on his stomach, due to the height difference.

"Kisa-kun! I'm serious! Tell me, dammit!" You said, your fingers pushing into his stomach and jumping up and down in frustration.

A sudden hiss of air being sucked in and a quick grab of your hands made you stop your motions, looking up at Kisame in alarm.

"Kisa? What's wrong?"

Kisame's eyes were closed, and he was taking deep breaths, almost as if trying to calm himself.

"Do you know... how fucking bad... I want you? Do you have any fucking idea?" Came Kisa's voice, his husky tone causing shivers to drop down your back.

"Kisa, what are you talkin-"

You were interrupted by him suddenly pushing you into the opposite wall, his entire body looming over your petite frame. You felt your face heat up at the sudden intimacy of the situation.

"I can't stand how oblivious you are, _____-chan. How can a vixen such as yourself not know the abilities she has? I'd do anything just to be able to call you mine..." Kisame's confession came in a hushed whisper.

You gasped slightly, looking up at Kisame with wide eyes.  So many questions were looming through your head. For how long has he returned your feelings? Why did he choose now, of all times, to admit them? And the most important question of all...


You simply stared up at him with big eyes, not being able to tell him that you had felt the same for a long time.

"I love you. You have no fucking idea how much. And what hurts the most is knowing that there's no possible way you can love me back." The energy quickly deserted him as he finished pouring his heart out to you. He pushed himself away from you slightly, backing up as though your silence was a sure sign of rejection.

However, before he pulled himself away from you completely, all your thoughts came rushing back, demanding you to not let his body warmth leave you.

"Kisame!" You whispered, before grabbing his face and smashing your lips against his. You felt his shock in the kiss, not responding, as you continued to kiss him passionately.

Suddenly, he responded to the kiss, begging for entrance into your mouth. You immediately let him in, feeling your tongue caress each other.

He grabbed your thighs and wrapped them around his waist, pushing you higher up the wall for him to easily reach your lips, taking off your jacket in the process.

He began pushing the cloth of your shirt up higher until he frustratingly ripped it off. You simply giggled and began to unsnap his cloak, shoving it from his shoulders and placing your lips on his neck.

Kisame groaned as your lips caressed and sucked on his soft spot. He began grinding into you harshly, the sick friction causing moans to erupt from the two of you.

Suddenly, you felt your bra unsnap and teeth biting your breasts. You released a moan, squirming against Kisame's growing erection, causing a lust-filled grunt to be heard from the blue shark-nin. His teeth clamped on your hardened nipple, and you let out a gasp. He grinned, before swiping his tongue across your nipple, sending a shiver down your spine. His other hand came up and pinched your other nipple. You moaned.

Impatiently, Kisame finally slid your shorts off, followed by your panties. You moaned when you felt his finger slide against your heated core, grinding slightly into his hand.

He slipped his index finger into you, pumping slightly, your juices sliding down his hand and onto the floor. He added fingers, continuously speeding up the rhythm of his hand. You moaned loudly, gripping onto Kisame's shoulders for support, biting his neck to keep your moaning down. His fingers were slick with your juices, and you moaned as he began pounding his fingers in you, reaching deeper and deeper inside of you. You shifted your hips, grinding, desperate for your release.

Before you reached your climax, Kisame slipped his fingers out, licking the juices off of his hand before reaching down to kiss you, slipping his tongue into your mouth again. You shivered at the feel of his tongue exploring your mouth, constantly rubbing against your own wet appendage.

Kisame, finally frustrated with all the teasing, undid his pants and slid them off, along with his boxers. You flushed slightly when you saw his large, throbbing member. He smirked and continued to kiss you, while pressing the head of his cock against your slick heat.

"K-Kisame..." You moaned, the teasing finally getting to you.

Kisame smiled gently, and slipped inside of you. You let out a cry, your walls still not ready for his size and length. When they finally adjusted, Kisame began rocking back and forth, slowly building up friction, pounding you against the wall you were pressed against, his groans becoming louder.

You moaned, feeling his member slide out of you, only to ram back inside of you fully. The sensation of being vacated and suddenly being full overwhelmed you. The heat of his cock inside of you made you throb from the inside.

"Fuck!" You screamed, your legs tightening around Kisame's hips as the coil in your stomach began to tighten unbearably. You dug your nails into his back and clamped your mouth onto his shoulder, biting.

Kisame grunted, the feel of your nails digging into his back and scratching down his spine arousing him, as his own edge was beginning to arrive.

You felt the coil tighten and tighten...

Until it exploded.

You screamed, your nails digging into Kisame as his own climax hit, sending you both into a wave of sheer ecstasy.

You and Kisame stayed in that position for about 5 minutes, calming down from your recent activities. He still hadn't removed himself from inside of you, and his cock inside of you felt comfortable, and made you unbearably warm. Finally, Kisame pulled out while panting, pressing his forehead against the crook of your neck, occasionally laying kisses on it as you felt your own heart beat regulate.

"Kisa-kun.. We should get dressed..." You mumbled, pressing a kiss against his temple as he let you slide off the wall to your feet. You wobbled slightly, and grabbed Kisame for support.

You both quickly put on your clothes, occasionaly sharing a kiss or two, until Hidan wrenched the door open.

"Hey fuckers! Your time is up!" He said, laughing at the disheveled look you and Kisame had. "Damn, you bastards were loud as fuck. I'm pretty sure none of us will be able to see you the same fucking way." He winked, before swiftly walking away.

You frowned and yelled after him, "How about you shut the hell up, asshole? Bet you're just mad you can't get any." You said, smirking.

Hidan sweat dropped while Kisame and the others chuckled.

Kisame grabbed hold of you and led you to the couch, sitting you on his lap and wrapped his cloak over both your forms.. You giggled through out the night as Kisame whispered sweet things in your ear, and blushed vividly when he whispered dirty things as well. The night was spent calmly while Kisame was kissing and licking your neck, promising more fun later that night.


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    1. Thank you so much c: I'm actually working on Hidan right now... so I hope to have it up soon :D

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    1. I'm working on Hidan right now c: Hopefully he'll be out soon!

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    1. She did not o:! Hahaha xD I'm glad you guys enjoyed it so much!

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    1. I'll be posting a Madara as soon as I can. I'm not sure when Hidan will be out, but I promise I'll work on it!

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